Carvin Sr started  Melson Termite & Pest Control In 1981 , It was licensed by the Department of Agriculture in the catergory of 7A, 7B and insured by Savage Insurance Company out of Atlanta, GA.
In 1984 Melson Termite & Pest Control  changed it’s name to Melson Pest Elimination and opened A Pest Control sales and service store located in Detroit at 607 East McNichols corner of Brush. Melson Pest Elimination formulated and sold “ROACH NO MOR AND BUG NO MOR” products along with providing general Pest control service at this location.
In 1996 Carvin Senior started A1 Bee Specialists inc. at 6632 Telegraph Road, Bloomfield Hillls, Mi with the specialty of giving customers a peace of mind while protecting their family, friends, loved ones and pets from stinging insects. The goal at A1 Bee Specialists is to produce a safe environment for families to enjoy the out doors and kid’s their play area with out the fear of encountering stinging insects.
 Specializing in the service of stinging insects was not a high priority of many Pest Control Companies in 1996 Carvin Sr saw a growing customer need and a nitch in the pest control business to provide customer satisfaction from stinging insects. A1 Bee Specialists has a specially designed Bee truck to service stinging insects in hard to reach areas, high above your gutter and the roof line of your home which are prime entry areas for stinging insects to over winter and enter your home in the Spring and Summer. (see the above picture)
Carvin Sr. is assisted part time by his brother Donald Melson and  his two sons Carvin Jr and Kevin Melson
 Enjoy your outdoors and protect your family from stinging insects
248-467-4849 or (800)-656-0222

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