Ground Bees


Compared to the last few weeks, today is June, isn’t it?  Well with the warm weather that is going to be coming, those familiar little buggers will be returning as well!  A couple weeks ago we talked about carpenter bees, so this one, lets discuss another kind that doesn’t make the traditional hive!

How about ground bees?

To begin with, these guys are true to the name in the regard that they make the holes in the earth.  They look similar to ant hills with larger opens, which is where the queen resides.  She makes several tunnels along with entrances and exits, along with chambers where she’ll lay individual eggs.  Despite the effort that goes into the colony, most ground bees don’t stay around for long.  They’re solitary bees, and the males will often leave on their own after their mates give birth.

On a similar note though, just because something is coming out of the ground and is yellow and black doesn’t make it a ground bee.  Yellow jackets are another insect that can nest underground, but unlike the ground bees these are highly aggressive.  If you have them, make sure you know what kind you’re dealing with before you start dealing with them!

Or, if you would like to set up an appointment to get rid of either, click here.

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